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about miguel

When Miguel is not researching and teaching Latin American culture at Michigan State University, he is playing music and singing. His musical life started in his hometown in Salamanca, Spain, where he used to sit around his sister’s piano and sing traditional Spanish Christmas Carols with his whole family.

With two older sisters who became music teachers, at 8 years old Miguel began to study piano and music theory at the Salamanca Conservatory. There, he completed a 4-year diploma in piano. Later, he learned to play the guitar with his friend John Ryan. Miguel wanted to learn “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce and he certainly did. Since then, Miguel has belonged to choirs (such as the University of Salamanca’s), played rock & roll with his own band La Estación, and written songs both in English and Spanish. During 1988-89, he joined the barbershop group at Colby College, Colby 8.

In 2004, he began to lead community sing workshops at the Winter Singing Festival in East Lansing. In the Lansing area, he has also performed in 2006 with his friend and colleague José Colmeiro at the Creole Gallery at the Old Town poetry series and in events such as “Poetry in the Park” series in Lansing.

Lately, Miguel has been playing his guitar with local music artist John Beltran. They have formed an Indie rock band called Belle Fast Radio and they are presently recording their first album The Perfect Swim. Their song “Vacation” will be featured in the new NBC fall series Mercy. At the same time, Miguel has been recording his new solo album which include titles such as  “Ganas de Amar” [Yearning to Love]  “Plegaria por la paz” [Prayer for Peace] and “No sabemos adonde vamos” [We Don’t Know Where We’re Going] and “Demolition Means Progress” among others that will be released sometime in 2010.


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